The key of Clesi to ensure a safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy takes the name of ESE. Founded by a group of entrepreneurs and professionals with long-term experience in renewable energy, energy efficiency of civil, medical, social and industrial green buildings with acquisition of Know-how of Esinvest S.r.l, operating mainly in the southern of Italy.

Strong market strategies, investments in research and development and the fruitful partnership with Universities have ranged ESE among the most dynamic companies for results in R&D.


Our commitment is to create a value for the customer who is actively involved in every steps we take and with whom we establish an open dialogue in order to reach the best solutions together.


We aim to spread the culture of energy efficiency, of resource saving and of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We want to contribute actively to make the world a better place


Our mission is to develop energy efficiency plans and programs for the public and the private sector with the aim to enhance their energy consumption and improve their competitiveness using the best practices and the best available technologies.

The key to success

The key to success of ESE is the customer care and the multidisciplinary approach, which lead to produce a structured and accurate offer in order to identify losses and the best measures for making power used efficiently and assess consumes.

Areas of specialization

  • Industrial sector
  • Hotel industry
  • Commercial sector
  • Handicraft sector
  • Residential sector
  • Tertiary sector
  • Public entities


  • Electrical efficiency
  • Photovoltaic
  • Software
  • Impedance optimizer
  • Stabilizer