Welcome to the universe of innovation at the service of energy efficiency. ESE is a cutting-edge company in the energy sector, focused on the production of technologically advanced machinery designed to transform energy management in companies, businesses and the hotel, food and large-scale retail sectors.

Thanks to its market strategies, investment in research and development and fruitful cooperation with universities, including CESMA (Centre for Advanced Metrological and Technological Services) of the Federico II University of Naples, ESE is among the most dynamic companies in terms of results and research and development. ESE operates throughout Italy.


A planet loaned to us by our children, which is why we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by designing and manufacturing machinery that contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and optimising energy resources.


Imagining a world where energy is managed wisely, efficiently and environmentally friendly.


Driving change towards a sustainable energy future by offering innovative, state-of-the-art solutions in the field of energy efficiency.

The key of success

ESE‘s key to success is its customer focus and multi-disciplinary approach, which translates into a structured and in-depth offer to identify waste and areas for improvement, and with the identification of priority actions to increase the efficiency of the capacities used and thus energy consumption.

Areas of specialisation

  • Industrial sector
  • Hotel sector
  • Commercial sector
  • Artisan sector
  • Residential sector
  • Tertiary Sector
  • Public Entities

Our services

  • Electrical efficiency
  • Photovoltaic efficiency
  • Software
  • Impedance optimiser
  • Power Electronics