Prodotto made in Italy

A one-of-a-kind permanent energy efficiency system that reduces household consumption by 10% to 30%. It is contained in a small box, easily installed, without any modification to the electrical system, by an electrician in line to the meter to protect all utilities.

The problem

Electric-electronic appliances etc. (in compliance with the IEC 60038 standard) are designed to work at a nominal three-phase voltage 400 V (between 360 and 440 V). In reality, the input voltage varies continuously and often exceeds 440. This means that electrical-electronic devices consume more than necessary and are inefficient. In addition to external disturbances and the electrical network, the use of devices that combine the work of resistance and inductive loads (for example electric motors, discharge lamps, etc.) generate peaks and “harmonics” on the network which further pollute the voltage and internal frequency.

All the benefits for the users

photo device bee
  1. Reduction of energy consumed from 10% to 30%.
  2. The longevity of users increases.
  3. Users are at optimum voltage and work more efficiently.
  4. The consumers are protected from damage caused by overvoltage.
  5. No direct investment, it re pays off immediately with the savings generated in the bill.
  6. The cost of the box is 100% deductible.
  7. The current is filtered by disturbances coming from the external network and generated by the internal one.
  8. Installation by a qualified electrician (in 20 minutes).
  9. No modification of the existing electrical system.
  10. 5 years guarantee.

Technical features

Rated input voltage 190 – 270V
Nominal frequency49/51Hz
Nominal single-phase output voltage 230-240V
Adjustment accuracy+/-5%
Load variationDa 0% al 100%
Power factor of the loadNot decisive
Waveform at the outputPerfectly sinusoidal
Full load efficiency98%
Working environment temperature-25°C / +45° C
Cooling downNot decisive
Relative humidity≤95%
Degree of protectionIP45
Dimensions 4 kva single-phase240x190x90
Dimensions 7 kva single-phase300x220x180

Frequent questions

Bee is a mains stabilizer / conditioner based on an autotransformer and an “L-C” filter. The autotransformer regulates the voltage at a constant value of 380 v (optimal voltage value for all users); the “L” filter attenuates harmonic and spurious frequency disturbances generated by switching equipment, so that the mains frequency is perfectly at 50Hz. The “C” filter lowers the reactive currents absorbed by the inductive loads making the supply of energy to the equipment constant and stable. Therefore, thanks to the constant voltage, 50Hz sinusoidal frequency and almost zero reactive current, users work more efficiently by saving on absorbed power.

From tests carried out in the laboratory and on customer systems, the use of Bee can generate energy savings of up to 30%. Bee in addition to reducing consumption, increases the efficiency and average life of users. Bee does much more than a phase plug, in fact it filters the current, regulates the frequency, regulates the voltage.