Electricity system bonus: the requirements for the 2021 deduction

Also confirmed for 2021 the possibility of taking advantage of the 2021 electrical system bonus: he tax deduction that allows you to redo the electrical system at 50%.

But what are the requirements to access? Who can benefit from it and how to request it?

Having the electrical system up to standard does not only mean being in line with the law, but also, and above all, guaranteeing the safety of residents.

Through the tax relief it is possible to download 50% of the expenses incurred in the tax return, always within the limit of the maximum expenditure foreseen.

The reconstruction of the electrical system is one of the important interventions that are part of extraordinary maintenance. For this type of intervention, it is possible to access the deduction for the costs incurred. In this case, as an access discriminant, the taxpayer must meet a series of minimum requirements represented by certifications and documents.

Here are the requirements to access:

  1. The refurbishment of the system must be accompanied by certification for compliance with the CEI 64-8 standard. The certification, carried out by a qualified professional, indicates a whole series of parameters and constraints to be respected regarding the project, implementation and verification of electrical systems. This certification is necessary to indicate that the system has no defects.
  2. Declaration of Conformity, is the mandatory document issued when a new electrical, plumbing, heating, cooking or smoke evacuation system (flue) has been installed.
  3. Declaration of conformity, the document is drawn up when the Certificate of conformity is missing, as it does not exist or cannot be found.

Who can access the deduction?

The renovation works can concern the first home, second home, etc. and the electrical system Bonus can access:

  • ownersor bare owners;
  • holdersof a real right of enjoyment (usufruct, use, housing or surface);
  • tenants(tenants) or borrowers;
  • individual entrepreneurs, for properties not included in capital goods (investments that the company uses for its operation) or goods;
  • members of divided and undivided cooperatives;
  • subjects indicated in Article 5 of the Tuir, which produce income in an associated form (simple partnerships, general partnerships, limited partnerships and subjects equivalent to these, family businesses), under the same conditions provided for individual entrepreneurs.

In the event that a preliminary sale contract is stipulated, the buyer can carry out the work and subsequently enjoy the bonus if:

  • is placed in possession of the property;
  • the compromise is duly registered;
  • the renovations are carried out at his expense.

How to apply for the 2021 Electricity System Bonus?

To request the tax deduction, payments must be made by bank transfer, post office or bank.

The following must be indicated in the transfer:

  • reasonfor payment, with reference to the law (article 16-bis of Presidential Decree 917/1986);
  • tax code of the beneficiary of the deduction;
  • tax code or VAT number of the recipient of the payment;
  • details of the invoice, number and date.

Payment in cash is absolutely not allowed, as this method will not allow you to benefit from the electrical system bonus.